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Give Crime Victims A Voice
Listen to survivors and victims of crime, and expand access to restorative justice to make victims whole and repair communities.
Stand with All Victims
Meet with the victims of all law enforcement involved use of force. Consider methods to provide services and resources for victims who lose a family member as a result of law enforcement use of force. Losing a loved one or family member causes grief, anger, chronic trauma and hopelessness, in addition to unexpected financial burdens of a funeral and other costs.
Pursue Environmental Justice
All Angelenos – regardless of their race, immigration status, gender, occupation, or income level – must have equally high levels of environmental safety. Shift prosecutorial resources to focus on environmental crimes that contribute to climate change and drought, poor air quality, and illegal dumping and spills, which predominantly burden economically disadvantaged areas.
Ensure Prosecutorial Oversight
Advocate for increased transparency, accountability, and oversight of the District Attorney’s Office both through internal policies and by supporting legislation. The District Attorney is elected by the people and must be accountable to the people, through, at minimum, the tracking and publishing of data, partnering with outside agencies for audits and policy reform recommendations, and consistent meetings with community groups and stakeholders.
Protect Workers
Prosecute inhumane labor conditions that violate California laws to protect all workers, including farm workers, so that no one is forced to choose between an unsafe livelihood and unemployment.

Advocate for LGBTQIA Equality
Increase the representation of LGBTQIA attorneys and staff in the District Attorney’s Office; prosecute hate crimes, which have hit their highest point in nearly a decade in Los Angeles, with the LGBTQIA, Black and Black LGBTQIA communities being the top two groups most frequently targeted; advocate for prison and jail reforms to ensure the safety of LGBTQIA people who are incarcerated, and address overrepresentation of LGBTQIA and gender non-nonconforming persons in the criminal justice system.

Reduce Crime and End Mass Incarceration
Pursue data-driven crime prevention methods instead of fiscally irresponsible and ineffective mass incarceration. Focus resources on serious and violent cases that harm the public, and end the revolving door of low-level offenses that waste taxpayer dollars.
Restore Community Trust
The prosecutor represents the People, and she must listen to and partner with stakeholders, advocates, experts, and the community in the development of policies.
Decriminalize Homelessness and Protect Tenants
Fight homelessness not the homeless. End the ineffective and costly revolving door through jails, and advocate for smarter and focused use of resources on community services that prevent homelessness. Investigate fraudulent practices that raise rent costs and unfairly throw people on the streets.
Stop Overlooking Women in the Criminal Justice System
Women are the fastest-growing segment of the incarcerated population and they have long been ignored in the criminal justice reform conversation. Develop gender-responsive charging and sentencing recommendation policies.
Test Every Rape Kit
Treat victims who undergo an invasive rape kit test with dignity by at minimum ensuring every rape kit is tested.
End Cash Bail and Protect the Presumption of Innocence
End cash bail, but also focus on smart pretrial release policies. Detention pretrial can cause loss of jobs, homes, and the pressure for innocent people to plead guilty. Craft a pretrial release policy that seeks to only incarcerate pretrial those who pose a threat to the community.
Empower Independent Prosecutors
Seek impartial and independent justice by appointing independent prosecutors to ensure unbiased prosecutions in cases where a conflict of interest exits, and increase the transparency of charging decisions. Justice should not depend on status, wealth, or a profession.
Expand Treatment for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders
Stop using jail as a mental health facility. Support criminal justice reform efforts to decriminalize mental health and substance use disorders, and to focus resources on community-based treatment. Revise prosecutorial policies to expand access to mental health diversion programs.
Fight For Immigrants
Work with law enforcement to prohibit ICE enforcement in county courthouses and at probation offices. Protect immigrants who serve as witnesses and report crimes. Revise prosecutorial policies to consider immigration consequences in charging and sentencing recommendations.
End Racial Disparities
Track racial disparities in charging and sentencing, and partner with outside organizations to conduct audits and expand oversight.
Treat Kids Like Kids
Juvenile policies must focus on rehabilitation and expanding access to creative restorative justice solutions, and must seek to end the school to prison pipeline.
Reform Probation and Parole
Reduce recidivism by making community supervision less punitive and more rehabilitative and restorative.
Rachel has endorsed the Schools & Communities First initiative.
Rachel has endorsed the Reform L.A. Jails ballot measure
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